Episode 009a [BONUS]: It’s all about the bunny slippers today (and you getting a pair)!

In this episode, we spill the beans and tell you exactly how to get a pair of the really nifty, soft, yummy blue bunny slippers so you can begin your journey of PDnPJ… Professional Development in your PJs.


I’m Michael Werner here for a SPECIAL BONUS episode.

Lori, our normal show host is off today, so I thought I might be able to sneak in a special announcement.


A number of you have wondered about the bunny slippers on our logo and in this podcast’s album cover…

 The bunnies are part of SimpleK12’s logo…

 You see… we believe strongly in anytime, on your schedule, from your wherever… learning.

 In fact, we call our learning… PDnPJs.

 Professional Development in Your PJs.

 So, the bunny slippers.

 Most of us wear them around the office and we freely share them inside the Teacher Learning Community for various activities.

 NOW… whether you’re a Teacher Learning Community member or not… I have a chance for you to win a pair of bunny slippers.

 We LOVE giving stuff away.

 Maybe you know SimpleK12 from the THOUSANDS of free live webinars we’ve done over the last few years.

 Or the dozens of ebooks we give away all the time.

 And, now, we are sponsoring this free Ask SimpleK12 podcast.

 But, we need your help in getting more teachers to know about us.

 The more people know about all of our free stuff, the more we’re able to get our name in front of the school bosses who end up buying some of our other stuff.

 And, one way to spread the word is to have APPLE computer, and iTunes do it for us.

 The more reviews and ratings we get in iTunes, the more APPLE will tell other teachers about the Ask SimpleK12 podcast.

 It’s that simple.


 If you will go to iTunes, subscribe to the podcast, then rate and review it, we’ll put your name in the bucket for a drawing of…

 Free bunny slippers.

 We’re doing a drawing EVERY FRIDAY through February 2015.

 So, again… subscribe to Ask SimpleK12 in iTunes (there’s a link to iTunes at the upper right of this website)… then leave us a rating and review.

 We’ll be drawing every Friday and making an announcement each week about who grabbed a pair of pristine, one-of-a-kind SimpleK12 bunny slippers.

 Thanks… and see you next time!