Episode 27: [BONUS Extra-Teacher Income] How do I get ideas for a start-up business?

Over the past few years, we have had many questions from teachers who are hoping to use some of their classroom and education-related skills to create part-time, sideline, or even full-time businesses.  So, we have decided to start including some of those questions, and answers, in the Ask SimpleK12 podcast.  And, there seems no better way to start off these bonus extra-teacher-income ideas than by sharing a conversation Lisa Greathouse and Michael Werner recently had with Trajan King, the CEO at Invincible StartUp.  Trajan is a start-up veteran, having been involved in 15 startups over the years.  Most recently, he has started the StartUp Summer School to help budding entrepreneurs get a jump start with their new ideas and ventures.

Tools Discussed in This Episode:
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