How it Works

Well… it’s easy-peezy.

But first, there’s this: Our goal is to have an absolute blast with AskSimpleK12. So, please, keep your questions appropriate, short (30 seconds or so is about right), and on point.

In the recording, you must leave your name, state and city, and profession, before your question. We cannot use recorded messages that are inappropriate, include any sort of promotional information, or are rude or naughty.

We’ll field any legitimate education question, but our strengths are in the areas of educational technology and teacher professional development.

So, start off with something like:

Hello, this is Michael Johnson, and I’m a science teacher in Orono, Maine. I’ve been wondering about __________________. Can you help me with that?

Step 1. You call, by pressing the button below, and leave us a question following the guidelines above.

Step 2. We record your call and then, if we are able to schedule this in an upcoming podcast, we’ll create a new audio episode where we play your call and question and then provide an answer.

Some Great Questions Are…

We’re open to just about any question, and we’re certain we can find a pro to answer, but we’re best at things that aren’t political, policy-related, vague, or broad.

Here are some examples of great questions we’ll be able to get our heads, and bunny slippers, around:

  • I’m exhausted from the paperwork I need to keep from daily student assessments. Any ideas on how to collect all this stuff digitally?
  • I have trouble with tracking student behavior. Are there any web-based tools that will help me do a better job of this?
  • I see my students doing all sorts of incorrect things on the Internet. Any suggestions for teaching better digital citizenship?
  • I just got an iPad and I’m flabbergasted with the number of app options. I teach high school history, can you help give me a jump start?
  • I’d love to get started with integrating more technology in my classroom, but I’m overwhlemed with the options. Where do I get started?
  • What’s Google Classroom all about?
  • What’s the easiest and simplest way for me to start a blog for my classroom?