Who We Are and What AskSimpleK12 Is All About

Welcome to AskSimpleK12.com.

If you�����������ve been around SimpleK12 or have attended one of our live teacher professional development webinars, on topics ranging from classroom management and school bullying to using iPads and Google apps in schoools, you’ve probably talked to us…

We’re Grace, Kimberly, Lisa, and Lori, and with a whole bunch of help from a ton of other great people, including internal SimpleK12 staff (hats off to Sari and The Doctor), we personally interact with tens of thousands of teachers, just like you, every month.

We read your emails, we see your comments during our live webinars and the webinar backchannels, and we see you inside the Teacher Learning Community where you���re interacting with one another, uploading school and classroom resources to share, and providing incredible insights in the various educational technology and other forums in the Community.

During all of these interactions, we’ve done our best to answer thousands of questions about all things school, classroom, educational technology, and teacher professional development… so, we decided to start a podcast (a regular audio series that you can subscribe to via iTunes or other audio subscription services) where you can call in questions about any subject related to education and we’ll answer those questions, or find someone who

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